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by Mimi Brickmeyer, staff reporter.  [February 10, 2002]




[]  Pooches who poop in this frustrated home owner's yard have likely pooped their last!

That's the shocking message dog owners get when they walk their pups past this doggy grave on Arizona Avenue, in Santa Monica, CA.

The tattered tombstone marker has stood silent sentry over the unmolested grass for several years, so it seems dogwalkers are paying heed -- if only from delight over the homeowner's twisted sense of humor!

Folks doubtless assume the puppy plot is a gag grave.  A whimsical canine scarecrow erected to frighten Fido from doing his bad business in the yard.

But a lingering puzzle haunts all who glance on this grave ... is there an actual hound hidden within its white picket fence?

One can never be certain -- another reason the grass grows greener inside the fence!













Mimi Brickmeyer is a Los Angeles based tabloid reporter who primarily investigates celebrity scandals. Read more about her journalism in Hollywood Witches.
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