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by Marcus Rubyman, staff reporter.  [February 3, 2003]




[] Everyone -- even YOU! -- is born with amazing psychic powers -- and can develop those powers to astonishing levels!

That's the startling revelation of psychic expert Joseph B. Mullen, author of Psychic Secrets: Your Guide to Dreams, Hunches, and Spirit Contact, as explained to the Weekly Universe in an astounding and exclusive interview.

"Almost anyone can develop his or her intuitive powers!" insists Mullen, talking exclusively to the Weekly Universe.  "It is very much like learning to play the piano. With practice, most people can master 'Chopsticks.'  Others will be motivated to take it further, to eventually give virtuoso performances."

Now, Mullen is prepared to reveal how ordinary people can rise to such virtuoso heights.  "In my book, I share personal stories and practical tips to inspire others to interpret their dreams, follow their hunches, and open up to contact with the other side!

"What amazes me is that many ordinary people are already using their intuition without realizing it.  These gifts come so easily, they never think to label them as 'psychic.'  Then they read my book, identify with my firsthand accounts of the paranormal, and there is a wonderful flash of recognition.  I get many delightful fan letters in this vein -- even from former skeptics!

"Of course, there are die-hard skeptics who will always pooh-pooh the supernatural.  And that's okay.  But how can you teach someone to play the piano if they don't even believe that pianos exist?


* Psychic Training Wheels


Mullen began his psychic journey as a child, seeking guidance from books.  "Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated by the paranormal," says Mullen.  "I would go to the bookstore or library, and snatch up every 'how to' manual I could find.  While other kids were off playing ball, I was sitting at home trying weird experiments to develop my extrasensory perception.

"The problem with many of these books is that none of the suggestions ever worked.  For a long time, I felt like the least psychic person on the planet.  Yet I continued my research, until I hit upon psychic techniques that would make sense -- to the average person!"

Mullen arrived at his astonishing paranormal insight through dreams -- something every ordinary Joe or Jane has!

"I discovered that many 'nonsensical' dreams actually contain hints of future happenings," says Mullen.  "Hardly ever does a major event occur in anyone's life without definite signals being sent in advance, often over a period of several nights."

These dreams signals vary in specificity.  "If we are lucky, we have precognitive dreams that portray things precisely as they will happen.  That first occurred to me when I was 17.  In my sleep, I saw myself meeting someone very special, someone who would play a significant role in my life and in my psychic development.  It was so clear, right down to the dialogue and setting.

Then, a few days later, the meeting took place -- exactly as I foresaw it! That gave me a big boost of confidence, and gradually other avenues of psychic expression opened up for me.

"People who are convinced they have no psychic ability should look to their dreams and see what themes emerge.  They would be surprised by the wealth of information that comes to us in our sleep.

But Mullen warns against relying on rigid rulebooks with their "one size fits all" interpretations. "Forget the dream dictionary approach.  Making sense of one's dreams is a highly personal matter, and my book provides real-life examples that will entertain and enlighten the reader."

While Mullen is fascinated by numerology, he disdains a reliance on it, or on other psychic props.  "I don't take numerology, astrology, tarot, I Ching, and other fortune-telling methods very seriously.  I have studied all of these mystic arts, and all have disappointed me to some extent.  Used correctly, any discipline can be a powerful tool for developing one's own intuition.  The trick is to not rely on the canned interpretations that come with the deck of cards or the crystal ball.  Instead, one should use these tools to break the ice with another person, until their own psychic impressions come bubbling to the surface.

"Years ago, I used the tarot for this purpose.  When friends wanted readings, I would lay out the cards, gaze at the pictures, and then 'free associate.'  Some of these readings proved uncannily accurate.  But not because the answers were in the cards themselves.  It was just a handy prop that I relied upon, a way of getting my own psychic juices flowing.

"Nowadays, I could easily stare at a blank television set, or the clouds passing overhead, and get the same great results.

"On the whole, I think of these disciplines as apart from serious psychic activity.  They are for some people 'the training wheels on the bicycle of psychic development.'

"If a person has an interest in any of these fields, that's fine.  But the best numerologists and astrologers rely more on their own intuition than what they see in a person's chart.  And the best psychics eventually dispense with such trappings."


* Marilyn of the Munsters

Despite his amazing abilities, Mullen was the Marilyn Munster of his family -- a non-psychic child in household full of psychics!

"My parents were Roman Catholic," says Mullen.  "They made sure we all attended Mass regularly, and went to parochial school.  Yet at the same time, my parents were incredibly psychic.  Their powers were so strong, that they just seemed to be born that way.  Unlike me, they never had to work at it.

"So the supernatural was a natural part of life in the Mullen house.  In fact, it was such an everyday thing, I just assumed that everyone else's parents were like my Mom and Dad.  They never made a big fuss out of it.  They didn't go around telling fortunes or anything like that.  But they had dreams and visions which were pretty dramatic at times."

Along with his Catholic training, Mullen was raised to be psychic.  "My father encouraged us kids to develop our own ESP by playing 'guessing' games.  One of us would think of a number or color, and the other child had to read the person's mind.  My siblings were pretty good at this.  But me?  I never got the hang of it.

"Growing up in a psychic family, I felt like the oddball.

"That's why I was so stubborn about developing my own powers.  Part of me just wanted to fit in, to be more like my parents.

"So my mother and father were my inspiration, and I was pleased to put them on the cover of my book.  Now that I have had many psychic experiences of my own -- and even developed channeling abilities that Mom and Dad never thought possible! -- I am grateful for my early years."

Mullen see no contradiction between Catholic and psychic teachings.  "The nuns taught me that with faith miraculous events could change the lives of ordinary people.  And nothing has changed my life more than making sense of my dreams, living my hunches, and receiving wondrous signs that our loved ones live on in spirit!"

Despite his astounding powers, Mullen is not a 'professional' psychic. "I have been researching and experimenting in the paranormal realm since I was a child -- about forty years of experience. But I don't believe in charging money for psychic readings. In that sense, I never became a professional psychic.

"But over my lifetime, I have passed along hundreds of messages to friends, acquaintances, and total strangers. I am continuously pleased that the answers that 'just pop into my head"' prove to be right!

"All the same, my main goal is to inspire people to develop their own gifts -- and not look to others for the answers to life's questions. This is what I hope I have accomplished with Psychic Secrets.

"Whenever I give interviews, I am always nervous that I will get a flurry of email from people asking me to find their cat, find them a husband, or find out what Aunt Tilly is doing on the other side. If people really want to know these things, then perhaps they might buy my book."

Mullen is currently working on his next book. "It's about the grief I experienced after my mother's passing, and the messages I received from her and other spirits in the afterlife. It will provide comforting proof that the soul really does survive death."

Mullen adds that because of his writing schedule, he may not be as ready to answer e-mail as in the past. "Also, for some reason, skeptics especially love to have fun with me. I don't mind a bit of kidding now and then. But please, no more humorous letters that simply read: 'Since you are psychic, you obviously know what this is about.' "

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Marcus Rubyman is a Los Angeles based tabloid reporter who investigates UFOs and the paranormal. Read more of his journalism in Hollywood Witches.
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