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by Marcus Rubyman, staff writer.  [April 8, 2003]



[]  The amazing source of UFO propulsion is found right here on Earth -- from ghosts!

That's the astounding bombshell revelation of Ken Behrendt as told in his book, The Physics of the Paranormal -- and in a shocking and exclusive interview with the Weekly Universe!

Ghosts, alien starcraft, and manner of paranormal phenomena draw energy from the "anti-mass field" -- a bizarre transdimensional source of clean, cheap, renewable energy -- discovered by Behrendt!

Explained Behrendt exclusively to the Weekly Universe: "I developed the 'anti-mass field theory' to account for UFO propulsion and secondary effects over the course of a 20-year study involving thousands of cases in detail, and tens of thousands of cases in summary.

"I discovered that a UFO, when airborne, is able to negate its normal gravitational and inertial mass because it contains a device I call an 'anti-mass field generator.'  Its purpose is to emit a form of NON-electromagnetic radiation which I call 'anti-mass field radiation.'  This new form of radiation has a 'polarity' opposite to that of normal 'mass field radiation' emitted by the subatomic particles that compose the atoms of ordinary matter.

"When these two forms of nonelectromagnetic radiation -- one from the UFO's propulsion equipment, the other from the subatomic particles that compose the craft and its crew -- are superimposed as they radiate away from their sources, they neutralize each other.  The result is that the UFO and its crew become massless and, thus, have no weight or inertia!

"They will float due to buoyancy in a planet's atmosphere, and can violently accelerate and maneuver without damage to the craft and its crew if propulsive forces are applied to the craft's hull."

Despite his amazing findings, Behrendt has never flown a UFO, or reverse engineered an alien craft's equipment.  But he has witnessed a UFO -- scant inches from his face!

"I have not boarded a UFO or talked with extraterrestrials," says Behrendt.  "My UFO theory was simply deduced from available data.  Personally, I have witnessed UFOs on about four occasions, and in each one it was a multiple witness type of sighting.  In three of the cases the objects were distant.  In one, the object was only a few feet away -- I prefer to view them at a safe distance!"


* Paranormal Levitation


Behrendt believes his "anti-mass field theory" explains a variety of paranormal phenomena, such as levitation.

Says Behrendt, "In studying levitation, it became apparent to me that, under certain circumstances, the human body could act as a sort of 'biological anti-mass field generator.'  In this state, certain religious people have, over millennia, been witnessed to float without visible means of support.  I believe that in these cases, the necessary anti-mass field radiation is emitted from the person's circulatory system when certain biophysical conditions are achieved."

Behrendt describes levitation as among the oldest of documented paranormal phenomena, citing a case in the 13th or 14th century A.D. when someone levitated for the Spanish king and his court.

"Those who witnessed it stated that the person who levitated was as light as a soap bubble, and could be blown about by witnesses," says Behrendt.  "This implies not only buoyancy, but an extreme reduction in bodily mass.  This is similar to what UFOs do.  Some craft engage in the so-called 'falling leaf' motion, wherein the craft sinks slowly in the atmosphere, and rocks to and fro like a plate sinking in water.  This is only possible with an extreme reduction in the mass of the craft.  (I think in these cases, the craft's crew do this maneuver on purpose, to give earthly witnesses a hint as to how the craft functions!)"

"I have never seen anybody levitate," admits Behrendt, "but I have no doubt it's a real phenomenon.  I believe Shirley Maclain mentions an experience in her first book, Don't Fall Off the Mountain, which occurred in Bhutan, in which she witnessed a guru levitate."

Behrendt is more confident that his anti-mass field theory explains UFOs than levitation.  "While I am sure about the reality of UFOs and anti-mass field generators, I must hypothesize that a human undergoing autolevitation emits anti-mass field radiation (through some natural biological process, since we don't have mechanical anti-mass field generators built into our bodies)."



* Ghosts


Behrendt offers a shocking new explanation of ghost sightings: "I am not convinced that [ghosts] represent the return of the souls or spirits of the dead!  I define two broad categories of ghosts.

"One category are ghost effects due to the presence of living creatures.  Some of these will be generating E-rich anti-mass field radiation to maintain a state of optical invisibility while others, mainly human, are creating poltergeist type activity unconsciously.

"The second category involves what I consider to be true ghosts.  These are holographic patterns that become embedded in the structural materials of old buildings and, under proper conditions, can produce glowing ghostly shapes inside the building that are even capable of movement.  My book suggests ways to force these forms to manifest so they can be photographed.

"The only connection I can find between ghosts and UFOs is that occasionally a UFO case suggests that the craft, although physically present, turned itself invisible."  And so, presumably, individual UFO crew members can also turn invisible.  "Such invisible ufonauts may occasionally enter a human dwelling and explore it.  Naturally, if they accidentally interact with the homeowners then the latter may be convinced that their house is haunted.  The invisible ufonaut may knock over objects, steal small items, cause pets to have a severe reaction, etc."

* Other Paranormal Phenomena

Behrendt says that his astonishing theory explains more than UFOs, levitation, and ghosts: "The concept of anti-mass field radiation can explain a variety of paranormal phenomena.  [This is because] it is possible to emit bodily anti-mass field radiation of different 'characters' and with various pulse shapes.

"For example, a form of anti-mass field radiation with 'E-rich' character can weaken the attractive electrostatic forces acting between oppositely charged subatomic particles. This causes that atoms made from these subatomic particles to expand slightly, which prevents these atoms from interacting with photons of visible light -- then these atoms become invisible!

"A UFO or being emitting such E-rich anti-mass field radiation would then also become optically invisible, and any small object he/she/it picked up would also momentarily become invisible!"

Behrendt believes that anti-mass radiation's various "characters" can explain other paranormal phenomena, such as mental photography, the Geller effects, psychokinesis, and miracle cures.


* An Astounding Breakthrough


Behrendt published AURA [Annal of Ufological Research Advances] between 1985 and 1995, which features some of his earlier findings.

"Remarkably, I am one of the few people who can claim to have made significant progress in solving the mysteries of UFO propulsion and secondary effects," he says.  "After reading 50 to 60 books on a variety of paranormal topics, I realized that the reason little to no progress was made in resolving the mysteries of the paranormal was because those researching that field must FIRST resolve some long-standing mysteries in the UFO field: Mainly, the mysteries surrounding UFO propulsion and certain secondary effects!"

And so Behrendt studied UFOs, then applied his findings to the fields of parapsychology and the paranormal, resulting in The Physics of the Paranormal.  The first edition was released in 1987, the second in 2002.  "It is my hope that my book will revitalize the field of the paranormal, and eventually allow humanity to artificially duplicate many paranormal effects.

"I like to think that the phenomena of ufology and the paranormal as just physics which is not yet in our textbooks."

Behrendt boldly concludes: "To state the matter bluntly, I believe that my book presents the FIRST major advance in the fields of parapsychology and the paranormal in history!"

Kenneth Behrendt says of himself: "I was born in 1951 in Elizabeth, NJ.  I have a BA and MS from Rutgers University, and have held positions in the electronics, chemical, and manufacturing industries. I am now retired and seeking to publish my discoveries in the areas of the paranormal and ufology.  I believe these areas will provide much new science in the centuries to come that will greatly enrich human life on our planet.
Marcus Rubyman is a Los Angeles based tabloid reporter who investigates UFOs and the paranormal. Read more of his journalism in Hollywood Witches.


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