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by Vanessa Cortez, staff writer.  [May 21, 2004]



[]  The hexagram, popularly known as the Jewish 'Star of David' or 'Seal of Solomon,' is actually an ancient pagan sex & fertility symbol!  The upward triangle is a penis, penetrating the downward triangle of the vulva.

Shockingly, the hexagram was unknown to ancient Jews!  Jesus never saw it, nor Kings David or Solomon!

Even more shockingly, the hexagram is also used by New Agers, conspiracists, witches, and even Satanists!

Some of these startling revelations appear in Barbara G. Walker's The Secrets of the Tarot: Origins, History, and Symbolism, in which Walker writes [p. 49, footnotes included]:


"A god's return to his mother's womb was graphically shown in a series of symbols based on the Yoni Yantra. Within the maternal triangle appeared a dot, the bindu, 'spark of existence.' It grew like a fetus, and eventually emerged, to become an upward- pointing triangle representing the male principle. The two triangles then moved closer to each other until they touched, and finally interpenetrated. Their full union made two interlocked triangles, the hexagram known to the Hindus as the Sri Yantra or Great Yantra.[19] This stood for the 'Great Rite' of sexual intercourse and complete merging of God and Goddess.[20]

This same hexagram is now considered the symbol of Judaism in the Western world.  It has been called Solomon's seal, the Star of David, or Magen David (Shield of David).  In reality it has nothing to do with either Solomon or David.  It was not mentioned in Jewish literature until the twelfth century A.D., and it was not adopted as the official emblem of Jewry until the seventeenth century.[21]

The Magen David came into Judaism by way of the medieval Cabala, a mystical system showing strong Tantric influences. The Tantric Shakti was translated into the Cabalistic Shekina, 'Female Soul of God,' and the bindu became the Cabalistic bina, spirit of the womb of creation.  Cabalists said God had lost his Shekina; universal harmony could be restored only by making God and Goddess once more 'one.' The Shekina alone has the power to 'put God back together,' as Kali-Shakti put Shiva back together through his cyclic deaths and rebirths. Sex magic was the key. The Cabalists certainly understood that, as in the East, the hexagram stood for sex magic."

Shockingly, the hexagram is also related to witchcraft!  Walkers writes [p. 52]: "German witches were Hexen, 'those who make the Six;" a traditional hex sign' still has six points like the Tantric hexagram."

Even more shockingly, the hexagram's bizarre, sex-maniac occult message is still found in tarot cards! As Walkers explains [p. 102]:

"The female World figure on the last trump showed the same pose right side up as the Hanged Man upside down: one foot bent behind the other knee, so the legs form a triangle. Here may be a distant echo of the Tantric hexagram: a male triangle pointing one way, with the female triangle pointing the other way."

In addition to writing The Secrets of the Tarot: Origins, History, and Symbolism, Walker has created her own tarot deck.  However, her sex- crazy occult imagery is also found in older decks.


The Hanged Man (top left) and The World (top right) in the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck, created in 1909.  Note the bent knees, forming triangles.  Also note the correspondence of the numbers (12 and 21), implying that these two cards are related.

Similar subliminal sex visuals appear in Barbara Walker's tarot deck (bottom right, bottom left).  The back of her deck also features two triangles (the vulva and penis) poised to merge into a hexagram (below).



Most shockingly of all, the hexagram continues to be used by all kinds of bizarre groups, including conspiracists, Satanists, and New Agers!

Left to right: Apart from a symbol for Tantric Sex and Judaism, hexagrams have been used to prove bizarre conspiracies (911 - 119: From the Destruction of the Twin Towers to the Grand Hexagram), as a sacred symbol of Satanism (Crowley Home Page), and to prove New Age views about Hopi Indians (Sedona Landscape Temple).

19. Art of Tantra, by Philip Rawson, New York Graphic Society, Greenwich, 1973, p. 74. 
20. Man and His Symbols, by Carl Gustav Jung, Doubleday, New York, 1964, p. 240.
21. Encyclopedia Britannica, s.v. 'Magen David,' 1970 edition. 

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Vanessa Cortez is a Los Angeles based tabloid reporter who investigates the occult underbelly of the entertainment industry. Read more about her journalism in Hollywood Witches.
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