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by Thomas M. Sipos, managing editor.  [July 4, 2005]




[]  Before they were overthrown in a bloody 1989 revolution, Romania's Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu -- and his fatso wife Elena -- plotted to breed a race of socialist super- dogs with amazing powers of fertility and camouflaged fur!

Those are the astounding revelations of South African Michael Moye -- whose sister rescued several Romanian super-puppies while visiting Bucharest! -- as told in an exclusive interview with the Weekly Universe!

Speaking to the Universe, Moye (who heard it from his sister) reports that in the 1980s, North Korean dictator Kim Il Jong presented the Ceausescus "with a North Korean 'Peoples' Dog' -- a Hyena-looking thing."

The Ceausescus mated this Peoples' Dog with their Black Labrador, Corbu. The red power couple was please with the result!

"They launched a program to create the perfect dog for their socialist culture," says Moye. "A dog that could be exported to Soviet Bloc and Middle Eastern countries."

Because Elena fancied herself a scientist -- often ordering real scientists to ghost write papers for her! -- she headed the bizarre dog-breeding program. A program that was surely the first of its nature.

"Elena had the scientific and intelligence communities develop fertility therapies to boost the litter size," reports Moye. "Primitive genetic modification on the first few litters transformed the breed's shape and color, resulting in a larger and more anxious animal with a rich coat -- that made the breed look camouflaged!

The Ceausescus' named their breed of Communist super-dog the Carpathian -- after the mountain range infamous for harboring Dracula's castle!

"Central Committee members were encouraged to own and breed them. A short-lived propaganda campaign insisted that every household have a Carpathian. Neutering and spaying carried stiff penalties!"

Moye's startling report reaffirms the Ceausescus' obsession with population growth.  The red regime also banned abortion in an effort to boost Romania's human population -- resulting in the infamous epidemic of AIDS- ridden orphans!

"Efforts to promote the Carpathian for export were a flop," says Moye.  "By the time the Ceausescus were executed, the Carpathian had already become a nuisance.  Heavy culling was reported by the mid-1990's.

"My sister visited Bucharest in December 2004, and was dumbstruck by the number of strays near the Peoples Palace.  She rescued two of them -- and shipped me a female for Christmas, now 7 months old."

The People's Palace is another of the Ceausescus' monumental failures. Billed as the world's second largest office building (after the Pentagon), the Ceausescus demolished much of old historic Bucharest to make room for the building, plaza, and street which fronts it -- which they called the Boulevard of the Victory of Socialism.



The House of the Republic (as it was also called) was an exorbitantly expensive white elephant project that contributed to the nation's economic crisis -- and helped fuel the 1989 revolution that culminated in the Ceausescus' Christmas Day execution!

Moye named his dog Zoia Elena.  Zoia is the name of Nicolae and Elena's only daughter.

"She's an unusual dog," said Moye. "She moves in a sideways fashion that suggests a drunk. Her fur has the splashy look of one of Elena's decadent coats. Striking looking, but sometimes nearly invisible even when you look right at her! Half the time I can't tell when she's in the room. She invariably gets trod on as a result. 

"I suspect Elena wanted a dog that would blend into its surroundings, apparently to be used in surveillance activities."


The Carpathian not only wields amazing abilities for camouflage -- the breed also possesses astonishing powers of fertility!

Says Moye, "Whatever genetic modification or fertility treatments her ancestors received seem to have been passed on. When Zoia Elena went into heat last week, several injections were required to make her temporarily infertile!

Since receiving Zoia Elena from his sister, Moye has researched the Carpathian, at one point coming across a report on the internet that "years ago, the Carpathian was fed garlic and used to hunt vampires in Transylvania!

"May all be bullshit, but I like the story. 

"I wonder if there's any public awareness of the plight of these animals outside of Romania. I seem to be the first person in South Africa to own a Carpathian. She turns heads, believe me!"

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