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by Thomas M. Sipos, adapted from PRWEB.  [November 6, 2005]





[]  Have YOU seen a ghost?  Then tell everyone about it!

That's the startling advice of Dan Gordon and Gary Joseph, co-authors of Cape Encounters: Contemporary Cape Cod Ghost Stories, whose paranormal research reveals that vast numbers of "normal" people have seen ghosts -- but won't admit it because they fear ridicule!

During their ten years investigating ghost sightings on Cape Cod, MA. Joseph and Gordon interviewed scientists, journalists, police officers, school teachers, medical professionals, academics, and entrepreneurs -- all of whom had experienced firsthand ghostly encounters -- and all of whom were deeply embarrassed to admit it in public, fearing they'd been seen as crazy!

But Joseph and Gordon have five reasons YOU should tell everyone about your own personal ghostly encounters!

Mary E. Wilkins Freeman's "The Lost Ghost."

1.  To Know That Normal People See Ghosts

Many of us keep our ghost sightings a secret for all the wrong reasons.  We fear being ostracized or ridiculed by coworkers, friends, and family members. Yet very likely YOU have friends, family members, or colleagues who've had similar experiences!

According to a recent Gallup poll, more than 20 million Americans believe they've seen a ghost -- and many more suspect that a ghost haunts a place where they live or work! 

Keeping your ghostly encounter a secret might prevent you from connecting with friends and loved ones -- who have ghost sightings of their own to share! 

Think of it as an investment.  In the short-run you'll be mocked by one or two cynics -- but longterm you may receive the rewarding discovery that you are in good company!

2.  To Encourage Study of Ghosts

Ghost sightings are widespread in the United States -- yet there's no mainstream discussion of their validity by the national media, and little academic research on ghosts in our universities. With millions of sightings in the U.S. alone, why does the mainstream media avoid reporting spooky sightings, except in the days just before Halloween?

If more Americans shared their ghostly encounters, it may stir a national debate in the mainstream culture -- and end the stigma that only kooks believe in ghosts!


3.  To Gain Insight Into Your Supernatural Encounter -- Even If You Doubt It Was the Work of Ghosts

Many of us have bizarre experiences we can't explain. We wonder in the back of our minds if a ghost made those strange noises in the attic or our car keys disappear.

In sharing YOUR story with friends and family, YOU can have an interesting discussion on whether ghosts really exist! On what is real or the work of imagination or the power of suggestion. The conversation may also give you objective feedback on your own paranormal experience -- and help you get to the bottom of what REALLY happened!

4.  To be the Life of the Party

YOUR ghostly encounter will enliven the dullest of conversations, turning office chatter to things meaningful and profound! 

Your true-life spook tale will remind your listeners of the history of that area or building, and the earlier generations who lived on that haunted spot! Your story will encourage discussion of whether we mortals survive death! You will have sparked a fun conversion that sets the room abuzz with everyone confessing their own ghostly encounters!

5.  To Give Friends and Loved Ones the Chance to Know You Better

True happiness in a deep and meaningful relationship comes from mutual understanding. Sharing your ghostly sightings lets you drop the mask that hides your core beliefs. 

Ghostly encounters are deeply personal experiences that reflect one's spiritual views and interpretations of the afterlife. Sharing your spook tale may lead to interpersonal closeness, a sense of intimacy, and less loneliness -- because now you can talk openly about areas of your life that you couldn't before. 

Talking about ghosts may help you at a future time of crisis or loss, because a loved one who is aware of your spiritual perspective can more easily support you through the grieving process.


Dan Gordon and Gary Joseph spent over a decade researching the haunted houses of Cape Code. In their book, Cape Encounters, over forty Cape Cod residents describe paranormal sightings and activities as part of their everyday lives.

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