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by Thomas M. Sipos, managing editor.  [March 27, 2006]




[]  Janet's [not her real name] photos were the same as everyone else's -- until her 17-year-old son died tragically -- after which her photos were haunted by what she calls 'angel orbs.'

"My son was killed in a car accident on November 12, 2004," said Janet to the Weekly Universe.  "I've been taking pictures of angel orbs on my digital camera since then.  I didn't even know what they were until I did some investigating.

"I don't have angel orbs on every picture, but mainly those with family gatherings or special events.  When I zoom in on some orbs, you can definitely see outlines or solid images.  Some are of what I perceive an angel would look like, or of ancient faces.

"I like to read and hear about angel orbs because it helps me to believe I am not totally crazy."

One of Janet's photos (below) is of her sister-in-law's backyard, taken on Christmas morning, 2004 -- the first Christmas after her son's death.

"I believe God let us take this picture to remind us that our angels are always around us.  If you look to the far right, in the telephone wire, there's a solid white orb.  If you zoom in on this orb, I can see a ancient looking face.

Another of Janet's photos (below) was taken in the home of a former teacher to her son.  "He liked this teacher a great deal," said Janet.  "She'd picked up my two daughters after Christmas and spent some time with them.  I believe my son was trying to tell us that he was there too.

"I never took pictures of orbs until after my son's death.  I've taken them inside my home, outside, at family gatherings and holidays.

"My son used to love playing with our dog.  The other day, my daughter took a picture of our dog playing -- and there were many orbs around him.

"These picture are very special to me.  I feel like they're a spiritual gift to me from God.  A reminder that our spirits never die and that my son is still around us.  When I hear of other people taking these pictures, I know my mind isn't making something up, or hoping for something that is not.

"It has been very hard for me to keep going on, but these pictures are letting me know that I will be with him again.  My motivator to keep living."

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