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by David Sereda.  [January 16, 2006]




[]  What I am about to tell you shocked me!  I hope you find it useful.

Since meeting Jesus in person in 1994, I have seen hundreds of ghosts!  But in the last few years, I see them rarely.

On the night of January 5, 2006, I rolled over to shift in bed and saw a beautiful man with green light around him -- lime green! -- with leaves in his hair, moving slowly by.

I was so shocked, I woke my girlfriend, Crystal, and told her what I was seeing.

She was so scared!

The man was not looking directly at me, but looking at her side of the bed, and floating by.  He was so magnetic, I felt like I was being pulled out of my body towards him.  He looked so peaceful and happy.

I told my girlfriend this, but she still wanted to sleep with the light on!

I went to sleep and dreamed of Art Bell.  In my dream, I pulled off a highway in Nevada because this big sign said something about a lecture on Mars.  I went inside to find Art Bell all dressed in black, and gloomy.  He did not even want to shake my hand, which I took personally.  He was supposed to help set up this lecture, but was moving slowly.

I woke up to the phone ringing.  It was my father.  He told me of the death of Art Bell's wife, Romona!

We are all shocked.  She was so young.  Art has lost his best friend.  I can't imagine.

Because I'd never heard of the Green Man, I began telling people what I'd seen that night.  Then I read Anne Strieber's article about the Green Man in time with Romona's death -- I was astounded!

He is here -- but why?  I researched the Green Man on Google, and I was astounded that he goes all the way back to the Druids and the pagan world in England.  He was depicted as a man with leaves in his hair -- so similar to what I saw!

Yet I had no prior knowledge of the Green Man.  I just wanted to share this with you in case we see him again.

Copyright 2006 by David Sereda


David Sereda spent 22 years planting trees in Canada.  He is currently a UFO researcher.  He has email: and a blog:

Read Kathleen Basford's book for more info about The Green Man!

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