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by Thomas M. Sipos, managing editor.  [May 31, 2006]



[]  Mina Harker, who defeated Dracula in 1897 -- according to Bram Stoker's novel -- is today a dark creature of the night seeking blood -- all the while making ends meet by conducting vampire tours in San Francisco!

Her tour begins on the corner of California and Taylor Streets on Nob Hill, on Friday and Saturday nights, where she opens by telling everyone, "You mortals don't know anything about us vampires!"

Harker then reveals the secret history of vampires -- including how the vampire community helped shape San Francisco.

The first stop on her tour is Grace Cathedral, where Harker relates the tale of the bronze doors. The Cathedral was modeled on Notre Dame in Paris. Its doors were originally on a church in Florence, Italy. Vampires helped move the doors to the U.S. during World War Two so they wouldn't fall into Nazi hands. 

After the war, Notre Dame let Grace Cathedral keep them.

Harker disputes the "myth" that vampires can't enter hallowed ground. But ominously, she refrained from taking her tour out of the cold and into the Cathedral's warmth -- thus failing to prove her contention!







At the Nob Hill Cafe, Harker tells how many decades ago, the site was the scene of a series of bizarre Sweeney Todd style murders!

Patrons entering the men's room would drop down a trapdoor, to be robbed and killed in the cafe basement.

Harker admits that bad vampires were behind this, stealing blood as well as property and lives.

Harker also takes her mortal customers to Huntington Park, the Pacific-Union Club, and the Fairmont Hotel, relating each landmark's "official history," and then its secret and true vampire history!

Harker ends the tour inside the Mark Hopkins Hotel, where her tourists warm themselves, and use the facilities to relieve their bladders.









Before her tour, Harker often distributes free vampire music CD samplers, and raffles free vampire gifts, to lucky ticker buyers!

And yes! -- Apart from her regularly scheduled tours Harker is available for private tours!

Harker may be contacted through her website

While Mina Harker continues to insist that her real name is "Mina Harker," and that she is the same Mina Harker that Bram Stoker wrote about, she is also for some unknown and mysterious reason known as "Kitty Burns."

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