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by Faye, guest contributor.  [August 15, 2006]




[]  My six-year-old son, Blake, sees ghosts, spirits, and angels. I'm not sure how to label them He's had a few experiences that he explains in great detail so I have no reason to doubt him.

This particular instance just happened moments ago:

Recently my husband's dinner theater troupe has been rehearsing at a building that once housed the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame. It has big open empty rooms and hallways with a bathroom located at the far end of the building.

My daughter had to go to the bathroom, and my six-year-old son offered to bring her there because it is a bit intimidating to go there alone.

A few minutes later he came back and said, "Mom, I saw a ghost."

He proceeded to tell me about the man in the black coat who was walking in circles. He said that he had a hood up over his head, but he could see his face and he was African-American.



I asked him what his face looked like. He said he looked sorta sad and lost.  He told me that he said hello to the man, but the man didn't respond to him. He just kept walking in circles with his hands folded by his chest.

He also said that the man was floating a little bit off the ground -- and he didn't have any feet!

We went back together to see if he could see him again. He didn't see him, but we said a prayer for him and told him that he needed to go and be with God.

My son drew me a picture of him, and then went off to play like it was no big deal. I'm still a little shook up!


As demonstrated in The Sixth Sense, children are often more sensitive to hauntings than are adults.

This startling true-life news report was submitted to the Weekly Universe by "Faye". She may be contacted at: fayeandfrank at aol dot com.

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