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by Beth Fowler, guest contributor.  [January 11, 2007]





[]. I wrote about orbs two years ago, and now I have a theory as to what orbs might be. Before first I must distinguish true "orbs" from ghost lights, and discard natural or technical occurring misconceptions.

Ghost lights are often confused with orbs. A ghost light is a light that you can see with the naked eye. An orb is an anomaly that is caught by a film or video camera. Most orb photos submitted to us have been taken by digital cameras, a technology which can mislead. Unfortunately, many of these "orbs" have the characteristics of dust or humidity particles. Some are even a dot of dust on the lens itself.

Consider these examples from one of our investigations. 

The "dust orbs" are those that you can see through, such that there seems to be a sea of them. 

But closer to the light bulb [closeup below] there is a different orb.


These "true orbs" differ from dust orbs. They have consistency, and the one right underneath the light bulb seems to be in motion.

Here are two other examples of what may be considered "true orbs." The first orb [below] is from our investigations. It's in motion, leaving a trail.



This second "true orb" [see right] was submitted by a reader. Like the above orb, this orb also seems to be in motion.

When we enhanced both orbs, we found that both of them possess "consistency."


It is believed that true orbs are made from energies. The misleading orbs come from dust particles, humidity, pixel distortions, or even bugs.

What might true orbs actually be? I don't think anyone will ever prove what true orbs, these balls of energy and light, really are. But I've a theory.

I've heard on TV shows that orbs are an indication, or a beginning, if you will, of ghostly activity.  We've visited homes where there are no other indications of other possible activity, nor a history that would explain "ghost" activity.

A ghost is an entity that is trapped on earth; "bound" to a place, land, or even an object. Possibly because they don't know they are dead, or they loved the place so much, or they don't want to leave, or they can't get over a horrible incident. One theory is that some ghosts, who may be very religious, are scared to cross over, for they are scared of what may be awaiting them on the other side.



I have two theories about orbs. The first one is that orbs are spirits.

A spirit (unlike a ghost) is an entity that has passed over, but can return. A spirit can travel between dimensions, heaven, the other side -- wherever we go after we pass.

During our investigations, we caught many orbs in one particular home, on film and video camera.  We had the homeowner sit down and concentrate on an image. I took pictures of her, and beside her head was a basketball-sized orb, bright and in flight. She said she'd been thinking of her father, who had passed.

We stayed overnight. When she went to bed, the orb activity slowed, but when she was up, we caught the best and brightest orbs on camera. Curiously, the orbs in her home appeared brightest when she or her husband were undergoing major health problems. The last one appeared before she was rushed to a hospital.

The husband had also been very close to her father. He was like a second son. The father lived in the home at one point, but he didn't pass there. He passed in British Columbia.

Another curiosity, the orbs first showed up around the time the lady learned that her father might have lied about his name, and that her maiden name might not be what she'd thought it was. (It is believed that he lied about his age and name so he could enlist during World War One.) This upset her and many family members. But it upset her more, because she loved her father. Could this orb be his spirit coming to apologize, and trying to comfort her? I like to think so.

Other places we've investigated have had no history of ghost, poltergeist, or other activity, yet orbs were caught on film and video camera.

I've heard self-proclaimed experts say that orbs are aliens. I find this outrageous. There is no reason for aliens to visit the above couple, who are in their 70's, live in the country, and lead a regular life. Logic dictates that if aliens visit us, with all the problems in the world today, they'd visit a Prime Minister, President, or someone in power.

My second theory is that orbs might be energies that we are projecting. Might we be capable of projecting our energies outwards, thus causing this anomaly? I hope that as our investigations proceed, we will zero in on a more substantial theory.

We must keep an open mind in studying orbs. But we must also be logical and scientific. Once all natural and equipment explanations have been ruled out, then we can hopefully find out what orbs might be.

Copyright 2007 by Beth Fowler


Beth Fowler is Head of Investigations for Alberta Paranormal Investigations H.A.P.I.A. She welcomes orb photos from readers.

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