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by Cynthia, guest contributor.  [October 4, 2008]




[]  I worked as a phone psychic for two years. I had better luck than the actor in your article

That's because my grandmother was a professional tarot reader in Eastern Europe before World War II, and afterwards in Bavaria. 

When Enron collapsed, my husband faced six months of joblessness. I got stressed out and tried tarot cards to see if they would reveal when he would find re-employment. 

I'm a born-again Evangelical Christian who had been brain-washed into believing that all occult activities lure demons, and I was afraid to try them.

I had $20 of Christmas money from my mom, and spent it on the cards. I sat in the car, literally shaking like a leaf from fear of demons as I opened the cards. I invested several months reading how to use them, memorize their meanings, etc.

But this poster at

(No, this is not the article's author.)

I first used them for a friend whose husband was also unemployed by Enron, and who'd lost $500,000 from Enron. She was in tears. Her reading revealed that a woman would call with a job in a colder climate, would offer less money, but treat her husband better on the job front.

This was on a Friday. I had a dream to the same effect. The friend's child, William, pointed from a garage window to a moving van, which the family was loading for a move, while the husband stood quietly by in a dark, pinstriped interview suit and tie. William pointed at the same scene three times. Each time I saw it closer.

I woke in a sweat, wrote down the dream, and gave it to my friend on Sunday morning.

She talked incessantly throughout the reading and disregarded the dreams, so I blew it off. She declared to me before the reading that she was not a believer in cards either.

Monday morning at 9 a.m., she called to say that a woman had called her husband about a job in a different state -- a colder climate -- and had him fly up on the next available flight, which was Wednesday.

By Wednesday, she was invited to fly up with her husband, where he was offered a job for less pay. But they were so nice, her husband could not refuse the job. He took the job and they sold their home in an unlikely Houston real estate market in only three months. The usual home sale time is no less than 18 months!

My friend remains an unbeliever.

I've had much success using the cards since then.

I was invited to a Bible Study. Before I went to it, I pulled three cards that indicated "gifts of gratitude," "success," and that a black-haired man would help me.

I was the second person to arrive at the home where the Bible Study was held. I was introduced to an 85-year-old man -- who had obviously dyed his hair jet black!

A chill went down my back!

Latecomers arrived, bringing "thank you" gifts for the hostess. Everyone gathered to inspect the neon-colored packages and their contents -- as though a spotlight was directed on the latecomers and their gifts. Weird.

One of my tarot cards had predicted "gifts of gratitude." I stopped using the cards for a while. They gave me the creeps!

I went to work for a psychic phone line. I took the job seriously. I knew my job, unlike the actor, and I did it well. I had a 95% success rate with callers, and what the cards revealed about them, because I'd studied. I may also have "the gift." Or maybe it's just luck.

I worked for Psychic Power Network, a reputable company who believed we were psychics. They paid us on time. But we had to be available (our phones logged in) for thirty hours a week. The phones, like the actor reported, didn't get much action. Many psychics were on staff, so competition was fierce. Clients called and chose their favorite psychic.

I also worked for a metaphysical center for two years. I saw clients in person, earning $10 per 20 minute reading. The center kept the other $10.

On the phone line, one person hung up on me for being "off." At the metaphysical center, one woman's "energy" came at me like a "wall of bad feelings," and I could not read her. My reading was way off, and the client was very upset about it.

But she'd made me extremely nervous before she so much as entered the room. I was told by more experienced psychics that it was her energy repelling the reading and blocking my abilities. It wasn't me not being able to read well for her.

I continue to do tarot readings and psychic parties for others in my general area.

Copyright 2008 by Cynthia.


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