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by Thomas M. Sipos, managing editor.  [August 22, 2008]




[]  Tom Carr knows ghosts are real -- because a ghost once tossed the hefty Salt Lake City ghostbuster across a room! And over a dozen witnesses saw it happen!

The amazing "ghost toss" occurred while Carr and his partner, Russ Larsen, were investigating the supernatural happenings at Dover airport, formerly Wendover Air Force Base where the Enola Gay was stationed.

Founded in 1941, Wendover AFB, has a mysterious past. It was the site of much special ops training and top secret military aircraft. Both the Enola Gay and Little Boy were once stationed there.

A former Wendover airman was told during orientation, "You do not tell anybody what's going on here. If you do, you will find in a base on Alaska by yourself," according to an article about the base that Carr had read.

Wendover Air Force Base was closed in 1969 and given to Wendover City in 1977. It's now an airport that houses a historical museum -- and ghosts!

In early March 2008, Wendover airport opened its doors to the ghostbusters. Four organizations united into one super team. "It was the largest joint investigation of paranormal teams in the state of Utah," said Carr to the Weekly Universe. "We were the first paranormal team to be able to investigate the base."

Of all the spook spots and haunted hideaways at the base, there was one especially bad ass building. "Nobody that works there wants to go into this building," said Carr. "One guy won't go in there in the daytime. He's like 6'3", 340 pounds. Big guy. Scared to death of this building.

"Russ and I were both there with about 15 members. About 10 from our team. And after two hours, nothing. Supposed to be the biggest, baddest building at the airport, and we were getting nothing.  So Russ and I started to do some serious provoking."

In the paranormal profession, "provoking" means trying to get a response from a silent spirit. Carr and Larsen began taunting any unseen entities, calling them a "wuss."

"We were continuing to provoke," said Larsen to the Universe. "Tom mentions at one point, 'I'm the biggest guy here. If you can pick me up, and throw me, I will not call you a wuss.' And I said, 'Yeah, if you can pick up Tom and throw him, I won't call you a wuss either.

"It was about a minute after that. I turned away -- and heard this big crash behind me! I thought Tom was barreling after me for some reason. I turned around. He's laying on the ground!

"He's got a camera in one hand, a recorder in the other, holding them up. You got to to save the equipment. It's the way we are. Equipment first. Save the equipment.

"So he's laying there on his back. Everybody's staring at him. I said, 'Tom are you okay?' He says, 'That was awesome!' Gets back up and says, "Can you do it again?' "

This astounding, multiple eyewitness proof-positive of ghosts is backed by physical evidence!

As Larsen explains, "We look at where where his feet were. You can tell they were firmly planted, and both of them had been pushed out from under him. You could see the skid marks on the ground! Skid marks where both feet had moved -- were swiped out from under him! It wasn't a fall. It wasn't a push. He was swiped out and knocked right on the ground!"

Even more astonishing is Carr's own account of what it felt like being pushed by a ghost!  "It felt like somebody put their hand right here on my chest," said Carr. "Felt like one of those military moves where they put their hand on your chest, then sweep your legs down, throw you to the ground. To be laying on the ground, going, 'Awesome!' Then standing up, and asking for it again."


Carr and Larsen have had many other startling, true-life encounters with ghosts from their years of investigating the paranormal in Salt Lake City, Utah.

One day Carr was walking through Salt Lake City Cemetery when he saw an old man sitting on this tombstone.

After the Carr passed the man, he heard the man shout, "Hey, how's it going?"

"Okay," Carr replied. He turned around ... and saw that the old man was gone!

No one sat on the tombstone. No one was anywhere nearby!

Julian Emerson was the name of the man on the tombstone. The engraving indicates he was about 86 years old when he died -- an old man, just like Carr had seen!




The name of Mabel Davis, a woman with a different last name -- and no date of death -- was engraved beside that of Emerson. Was she Emerson's mistress or lover? Or perhaps a woman who'd never returned his love?

Davis would be nearly 130 years old today, indicating that she's likely long been dead -- and buried somewhere else.

Is this the cause for Julian Emerson's restless spirit? Does he sit on his tombstone every day -- still waiting for his lover to join him in the grave he'd prepared for her?

Here lies the body of Jacob Moritz. Legend has it that if you run around his tomb at night three times while shouting the name "Emo," that Moritz's ghostly head will appear behind the grated window.

According to a variation on the legend, you must shout the name "Jacob Moritz" and it is Emo's head who appears.

Still a mystery -- Who is Emo? A nickname for Jacob Moritz, or someone else?

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Tom Carr and Russ Larsen share a radio show, Residual Hauntings.  Carr is the founder of Wastech Paranormal Investigators.  Larsen runs Paranormal Utah.


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