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by Vanessa Cortez, staff writer.  [July 20, 2010]





[]  Ever since Mel Gibson made The Passion of the Christ, he has suffered under a 24/7 Satanic attack!

Think about it logically. For many years, Mel Gibson was a nice guy. He was nice to everyone. He was faithful to his wife and family. Then, suddenly, a darkness gripped his soul.

Why? What changed?

Examine the sequence of events. Analyze it logically. Ask who benefits?

Here is the timetable:


     (1) Mel is a nice guy.

     (2) He makes a film which brings people to Jesus. People's faith in Christ grows. The film spreads the Gospel message of Christ.

     (3) Mel's life unravels. He leaves his wife and children. He begins drinking and driving, and spewing hate. He takes up with a gold-digging, plastic-surgery crazed mistress, Oksana Grigorieva, who deceitfully records Mel and reveals his frailty to the world.

     (4) Seeing a fallen Christian, people's faith in Christ falters.


Who benefits?

Yes -- it's Satan!




Satan seeks to discredit the Truths contained in The Passion of the Christ. So Satan has been working overtime to assault and harass Mel. Mel Gibson is a good man, but he's also a frail mortal, prey to sin and temptation.

Those who most effectively spread Christian Truths suffer the greatest Satanic assaults. Satan ignores the followers of false teachings. They're already on their way to Hell, so why disrupt their journey?

But Satan tears away at people who walk the correct path -- especially famous Christians whose fall from grace will demoralize other Christians, and dissuade potential converts. This is why Christian churches -- the Catholic Church especially -- suffer so many scandals. Because they endure greater demonic assaults.

It's easy to be "spiritual," but hard to be a Christian. Especially a famous Christian. All mortals are frail and weak, prey to sin and temptation. But famous Christians are especially and continuously tempted, hounded, assaulted and attacked by Satan and his demons.

Satan leaves the world to its lies, but works to discredit those who preach Christ's Truth. The Evil One always seeks to destroy Christians before the public.

And non-Christians are always waiting to see you fall -- waiting for an excuse to indulge in their sins rather than follow Christ.

In attacking Mel Gibson, Satan has found willing agents in the weak sinners around Mel. Under Satan's influence, Oksana Grigorieva has lured Gibson away from his family, and deceitfully provoked and manipulated Mel's comments on the tape. Grigorieva likely lied on top of it, both verbally and by editing the tape.

Grigorieva knew the tape recorder was on. This means that she (1) was pushing Mel's buttons to get him to explode, even as (2) she was on her best behavior -- We don't know what she's really like with the mikes turned off! Also (3) Grigorieva works in sound recording and knew how to edit the tape into lies.

Whenever you see somone meltown mode, ask yourself -- Is there some reason Satan would benefit from this person's public self-destruction?

Look for the manipulative strings -- the temptations and motives -- behind the person's spiritual collapse. Satan is not far behind!

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Vanessa Cortez is a phone psychic and tabloid reporter for the Weekly Universe. Read about her supernatural battles against Satantic New Age forces in Hollywood Witches!
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