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by Marcus Rubyman, staff reporter  [November 2, 2011]





[]  You've heard of the Bermuda Triangle (aka Satan's Triangle, or the Devil's Triangle) -- that strange area off the coast of Florida that abounds with UFOs -- and from where human ships and planes mysteriously vanish -- or are abducted!

Well, it now seems that another sinister triangle lurks right over the American Heartland! -- in Missouri of all places!

According to Lee Prosser, a bizarre "Missouri Triangle" menaces "The Show Me State." Its three points are located at the cities of Branson, Springfield, and Joplin. Prosser reports that Missouri "is a place where people will -- and do -- vanish!"

That's only one of the many startling revelations in Prosser's latest book, UFOs in Missouri: True Tales of Extraterrestrial and Related Phenomena!

Prosser also reports that, before the famous 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico -- aliens were crashing all over Missouri! Prosser claims there were at least four incidents, including the Cape Girardeau crash, first brought to the public's attention in Leonard H. Stringfield's UFO Crash Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum.

In the spring of 1941, gray aliens crashed in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. "What become of the material resulting from this UFO crash, and the extraterrestrial crash victims," says Prosser, "remains a secret to this day under the on-going guise of National Security."

Yet Prosser adds that documentation of this astounding true-life, pre-Roswell crash exists to this day! The Rev. William Huffman, a Baptist minister, met those Gray space travelers back in 1941 -- and even had a photograph of a Gray! Years later, Huffman's dying wife confided the details of her hubby's extraterrestrial encounter to her granddaughter, Charlette Mann, who told it to Stringfield.

Prosser's book also discusses time slips, missing time, time travel, vortices, alien abductions, inter-dimensional beings .. and ghosts!

"Missouri ghosts make the entire state one of the most haunted states in the united States," says Prosser, "and since it was also a bloody battlefield during the American Civil War, there is also an abundance of American Civil War era ghosts. Other ghostly phenomena abound, and each setting offers up its own peculiar approach to a haunted location."

Prosser says the Kimberling City Bridge as being especially prone to paranormal activity. He cites the "phantom ski boat" that passes under the bridge every spring, "only to vanish as it speeds silently under the bridge into the murky gray mists on the other side!"

The bridge if also a hot spot for Orbs and Shadow People! Prosser described seeing "many orbs near the shoreline after passing over the bridge, and I saw three shadow figures in the same vicinity."

In July 1963, Prosser says he "witnessed a UFO disc flying over the bridge when I was with my Uncle Willard David Firestone and cousin Jill Farkas.... The three of us witnessed it pass slowly overhead in the sky ... the sighting took place on a clear morning at approximately 10:30 a.m."

Apart from his own eyewitness accounts, Prosser relates how in July 2010, he received the first of a series of four phone calls from a mysterious man who cryptically referred to himself only as "Wild Billy."

While attempting to disguise his voice, Wild Billy revealed startling UFO secrets to Prosser, such as the amazing revelation that extraterrestrials aliens have underground bases on the moon and Mars -- and that they travel to Earth through "portals" -- which Wild Billy had himself gone through!

Even more astonishingly, Wild Billy claims that Reptilian aliens -- who are extremely evil! -- are trying to take over Earth! The real Adolf Hitler was killed in 1935 and replaced with a Reptilian imposter -- who was advancing the Reptilian agenda through the Nazi war machine!

As proof of his amazing allegation, Wild Billy says, "If a photographic expert seriously studies the photos of Hitler over the time he starts his rise to power, through his era, and to his death, they would see the difference in his eyes, and some insiders in the god-almighty-secret-know of governments in the world know Hitler was replaced by this extraterrestrials at least five times during his connection with that peculiar extraterrestrial group! Each time, the eyes of Adolf Hitler were slightly different.... the real human being known as Adolf HItler was murdered and replaced by alien look-a-likes starting in 1935, and each time one of these alien Hitlers was murdered or died, another alien look-a-like was sent to replace him!"

These and other astounding UFO and paranormal revelations may be found in Prosser's UFOs in Missouri: True Tales of Extraterrestrial and Related Phenomena!

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Marcus Rubyman is a Los Angeles based tabloid reporter who investigates UFOs and the paranormal. Read more of his journalism in Hollywood Witches.
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