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by G. William Molt, guest contributor.  [March 9, 2011]




[]  I once shared a house with a couple, a man and a woman who lived there. I had a room, but I rarely stayed there, as I worked on the road.

One day, one of the couple mentioned a "spooky spot" in the basement. I ignored the remark. I had never noticed anything unusual, aside from my neck hairs sticking up. But I figured it was just static electricity, or whatever.

Then I fell in love with a fun and beautiful lady, who I'll call Natalia (not her real name). I took an office job, and began living at the house full time, so I could court Natalia. I was smitten as I had never been before.

Natalia began commenting about "supernatural events" surrounding her. Even her parents warned me indirectly. But I paid little attention. I had the proverbial stupid, lovestruck look on my face.

The couple moved out. Natalia moved in -- and all hell (literally) broke loose!

I learned that Natalia was gifted at reading people, but that was the least of it. She often gave me the sensation that she was possessed!

Once Natalia was possessed by a deceased male relative, who warned me that I better "hang on, because I was in for the ride of my life." During Natalia's "possession," she held her cigarette as a man would -- at the lower end of her fingers, while gulping beer. All the while, she moved her long hair from one side of her head to the other.

When Natalia later showed me a photo of this dead relative, I learned that he had been bald, and he grew his hair longer on one side, to cover his premature baldness.

Later, Natalia was possessed by a particularly nasty thing that contorted her beautiful face into an ugly mask of hate! The entity said that Natalia wanted it, and that I was weak and could never stop it from claiming her. A Bible placed upon Natalia's belly temporarily rid her of this entity -- but it would return!

I related these events to a former roommate, who gave me a crucifix. She said it had been blessed by the Pope. When the dark entity once again possessed Natalia, I held the crucifix against her -- and the crucifix bent back and snapped!

Then a young man, whose family had lived in this town for over a century, told us a bit of history. In the early 1900s, a general store had stood where our house now was. Some abandoned railroad tracks, which were not far off, were still in use back then. Around 1905, a drunken engineer had derailed his train, crashing it into the store -- killing some 13 people!

This young man was going to show us some pictures, but his parents refused to cooperate and told him not to discuss it again.

Other "ghosts" also seemed to be active in our house. Innocuous events occurred. The stereo or TV would go on the middle of the night. I had the feeling that these ghosts were not the same "dark spirit" that occasionally possessed Natalia.

Perhaps this dark entity was something that had attached itself to Natalia long ago, because of her ability to almost straddle the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds.

I eventually limited this dark entity's influence upon Natalia. I could not banish it completely, but I created some kind of a stasis with it.

Ultimately we moved. The new house was apparently a less conducive to possessions, which greatly diminished. The dark entity no longer seemed to possess Natalia, though I still had the feeling that it lurked in the background, waiting for an opportunity to assert itself...

Copyright 2011 by G. William Molt


G. William Molt is the author of The Illumination of Natalia, a novel based on his true-life ghostly and demonic experiences. He wrote it as a novel partially to protect the real-life Natalia's identity.

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