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by Vanessa Cortez, staff writer.  [March 12, 2003]




[]  Jesus Christ is an extraterrestrial hyperspace alien -- and he's turning people into aliens!

That's the astounding bombshell revelation of Ronald F. Avery -- who was himself born of woman yet made alien by Jesus! -- as told in his book, Alien Physics -- and in a shocking and exclusive interview with the Weekly Universe!


* Jesus Is An Alien


Explained Avery exclusively to the Weekly Universe: "Jesus is the first extraterrestrial hyperspace alien to visit planet Earth. He was sent to Earth by Eternal Space or his father, which is God. Jesus was conceived by eternal space, and born of a virgin.

"They are the one and only means of traveling to the galaxies eternally or of continually inhabiting any place at all. This process of transformation from a mortal creature into an immortal creature is completely executed by them, not by us.

"Since all things were contained within the physical body of Christ Jesus, all things that he did were done by all things in Heaven and Earth. When Christ died on a cross, all things in Heaven and Earth died.  When Christ was resurrected from the dead, all things in Heaven and on Earth were raised from the dead.  When Christ ascended back into eternal space from which he came, he took all things in Heaven and Earth back with him, reconciling all things unto God.

"These acts by Christ are called the 'operation of God' by Saint Paul in the New Testament.

"[Jesus] had two capacities that made it possible to operate upon all of space and all things therein: the power to implete or fill all space, and the power to envelop or contain all space. With the containment of all space comes the containment of all time or eternal life in the galaxies. All things that he did were operations upon the whole of space, matter and life."

Avery said this 'operation' transformed him into a hyperspace alien. "I was transformed into an alien by going through the stargate opened by [Jesus]. All people on Earth have been 'operated' upon and can go through this stargate. It is better than Sagan's Black Holes, or as he would say: 'Einstein-Rosen Worm Holes.'

"Einstein's folded universe is unnecessary and useless.  The cosmic speed limit of light has been exceeded.  All mankind now has a means of traveling to the galaxies eternally.

Amazingly, Avery appears no more "alien" than those reported by Billy Meier

Concedes Avery: "I do not believe that a modern medical doctor or scientist could detect me other than by my very strange verbal reporting. Many thousands of humans have been transformed into aliens; it has been an on-going process for about two thousand years. 

"It is almost impossible to detect who has been alienated by this operation. You might say, 'it takes one to know one'."


* Proselytizing ... or a New Theology?


According to Avery's website, Alien Physics, Coast to Coast AM producer Lisa Lyon refused to book him, accusing him of proselytizing.  Says Avery on his website:


When I told Lisa Lyon, the producer of the George Noory Show at Coast to Coast AM, that I was an Extraterrestrial Hyper Space Alien she was very interested.  But when she found out that I became so by the operation of Christ Jesus upon the Cosmos, her excitement changed to skepticism.  After answering her questions of how I became a Hyper Space Alien, she said "you are just proselytizing."

I replied that I was just telling her what I had become and how.

I told her during her continued questioning of me that I would one day be able to travel to all the galaxies.  She asked if I had been to the galaxies.  And I replied that I had not, but have power to go in the future.

She then said, "Well call me when you get back, and I will put you on the show."

I replied, "Oh, I see, one cannot be a hyperspace alien unless they have already been to the galaxies.  This is incorrect.  I will tell you what attribute I do have that justifies the title hyperspace alien, and you determine if you have heard that expressed by any other person on your show.

I then stated that I contained the galaxies in my body and do not need to go to the galaxies.

She then said, anybody can just make up some hyperbole and insist upon it. She later admitted that she had not heard anyone make that claim before.


Avery goes on to offer "evidence" of a double standard, listing Coast to Coast AM guests, Christian and non-Christian, who engaged in hyperbole and/or proselytized, but were nevertheless allowed on the air.

Avery insists to the Weekly Universe that he serious.

"I have developed a new theology and science based upon a system that is necessary for the Scriptures to work," he claims. "A system that humans can experience and know is true to the point of resisting every falsehood that stands in its way -- whether it be science so-called or mythology or opinion or hyperbole or an angel from heaven or an alien from a space ship.

"What I have discovered is true and knowable and transforms men and women into hyperspace aliens capable of eternal space travel to the galaxies. No other means will ever be available to do this.

"It took many years for me to realize what happened to me and how to explain it.  So I have not talked like I do now for more than ten or eleven years.

"Many people think I am kidding them, or playing with them."



* Church of Jesus Christ, Alien?


Still, Avery's message sounds like Christian proselytizing, couched in the language of ufology.  Asked by the Weekly Universe if God or Jesus had a message for humanity, Avery listed the following tenets:

*  The Kingdom of Heaven has been established upon the face of the entire earth to the ends of the galaxies by the miraculous operation of God in Christ.

*  All men can now become a hyperspace extraterrestrial alien by humbly allowing the operation of Christ to transform you.  Die with Christ, Resurrect with Christ and ascend to fill all space with Christ and you will then contain all space and time in your own body.  This is Eternal Life, it is for you to possess in your lifetime now.  Do this before your body is taken from you and you will be indestructible keeping every hair of your head eternally to travel the galaxies.

*  It is the will of the Eternal Living Space that all men are born into the Kingdom of his Dear Son Jesus Christ.  The rejection of this method to obtain eternal life in the galaxies will result in your eternal ongoing destruction outside the Kingdom of Heaven which is the eternal living space we inhabit presently and see about us right now.

*  Repent of your ways that produce nothing and no knowledge or relief.  You are ill and tired and need to rest at last in the truth and power and knowledge of what God has done to the whole cosmos in Christ and possess your own souls forever in confidence.

*  Read the word of God in the New Testament to know that this message is true and open and available for you but it will not always be available.  For Christ who opened the stargate and no man can shut it will return at his will in the twinkling of an eye and close it and no man will open it again.

*  It's up to you - eternal travel in the galaxies with millions of aliens or the black hole by yourself alone for ever outside the Kingdom or eternal space in God.  There is no other way provided for your escape.  But thanks to Christ we can be delivered from death.  As Paul told Timothy, "Lay hold of eternal life now."

* Are They Aliens or ... Satan?


Asked by the Weekly Universe about UFO sightings, abduction reports, alien astronauts, and crop circles, Avery explained:

"These are the vain imaginings of people yearning to be delivered from their present state of death into eternal life.  They have been lied to by Satan to look for their savior in the form of aliens from space.  They are bombarded by these delusions by radio, television, and tax supported scientists.

"Abduction reports are the same.  There have been no abductions by aliens.  All this is the vain imaginings of man to escape the chains and bonds of his state of walking death.  The so-called sightings and abductions demonstrate the power of their own minds, and the degree to which they try to escape the confines of death.

"Alien astronauts, crop circles, Stonehenge, pyramids, government cover-ups, Roswell, space ship crashes, Planet X, spiritual technology, multidimensional parallel universes activated by thought, quantum physics, black holes, worm holes, quarks, curved space, you name it!  All the sad delusions of men trying to propel themselves into eternal space without a clue of how to do it.

"Early Christians did not entertain such things because they knew what the space above them was, and who it was, and how to go there.  Even Galileo knew that the stars and planets he observed were in the same dimension he lived in, and that he one day would go there and experience it first hand through the operation of Christ Jesus.

"Once a man becomes a hyperspace extraterrestrial alien he knows what is feasible and what is not.  He knows how space travel is accomplished. He knows that he and the one who operated upon him are the superior life forms of the entire cosmos.  He knows that no other life form has the power to visit the earth or to operate and transform the cosmos as Christ did.

"Christ and his disciples are the most advanced life form in all of space and time.  By definition this excludes all these sad and lost claims of alien sightings and abductions which all end in further sad frustration.


* What About Buddha?


As the Weekly Universe has invested great effort into the development of our Mystic Gray Buddha[tm], we wanted to know what Avery thought of other reputed Earth sages.

Said Avery: "Mohammed and Buddha were great men of worldly wisdom who noticed human nature and learned many things from watching and observing the behavior of people.  But they did not describe a method by which anyone could be transformed.  They did not perform an operation to accomplish this transformation.

"Christ Jesus opened the stargate for all men including Muslims and Buddhists and the lost house of Israel.  All men are used by God, but they did not perceive what the whole problem of man was, much less describe a method to fix it and then go perform the act to institute its solution."



* Agent of the Angel


The Weekly Universe also wanted to know what a man transformed into a alien by Jesus thought about the Bible.

Avery said: "The Bible is a cosmic map into the Kingdom of deep space and all therein.  It is a description of the stargate into eternal space travel that all people have available to them.

"Most of this perception revealed in the Bible is occulted from view by evil in many forms, even within the church, so that man will not see what has been done to the cosmos by Christ Jesus.  Satan does not want anyone to find this stargate into the Kingdom of Heaven, nor will he enter into it himself.  Satan is the great liar and murderer of mankind.  He is the father of all lies and murder.

"The Book of Revelations is a description of what has already happened or is presently taking place.  Most has already happened. 

"The first reign of Christ on Earth by his holy disciples for a thousand years (Rev. 20:1-3) has ended; the old dragon has been loosed to deceive the nations again (Rev. 20:7).  But now even this short season is about over where in Satan, the dragon will be cast into the bottomless pit forever to never again deceive the nations as to who and what Christ Jesus is, The Son of the Living God or Eternal Space. 

"I am one of the first agents of the angel with the long chain that binds Satan, because I expose where Satan dwelleth in the philosophies of the world (Rev. 2:13).  I expose where the seat of Satan is in his science so-called and how he has bound the minds of man by the lie that Christ and God exist in another dimension that can only be known upon death.

"Satan has split the cosmos into two parts: the spiritual and observable cosmos.  God and Christ and the church are in the spiritual, and the human scientists are the caretakers of the observable.  This error in thought makes the ancient geocentric idea of the Earth pale by comparison."



* AntiChrist, Bible Prophecy & the UN


The Weekly Universe also asked Avery about the continuing crises in the Middle East.

Avery said: "The current Middle East crisis could not take place without the occulting of Western Christianity.  The so-called modern state of Israel could not have risen without the eclipse of Christianity in the world.  God and Christ have been locked out of the observable cosmos by numerous antichrists such as Albert Einstein, who successfully convinced modern society that space is a lifeless void and God, if he exists at all, is in another dimension. 

"There are no other dimensions at all but hell or the flip side of the cosmos.  The cosmos is the Kingdom of God and if one is cast out from it, they are in nowhere, or the true black hole, better known as hell.

"Carl Sagan was also another great antichrist that continued the work of Einstein in deceiving the world.

"I heard the so-called expert of Bible prophesy, Hal Lindsey, say on the George Noory Show that, 'modern Israel had been miraculously restored by God.'  He knows very little about the history of the development of the so-called state of Israel.

"If we are to believe that God uses bank fraud, insider trading, theft and international intrigue, manipulation and violation of laws and constitutions of Christian nations as miracles to accomplish His ends, then why not agree with him? But the miracles of God are not synonymous with the crimes of wicked men.  God certainly needs not a long chain of criminal barbaric acts of lost men to 'miraculously restore Israel.'

God in Christ miraculously created the real 'new Israel', which comes down from heaven, by altering everything in the cosmos.  Only Christians can enter this new Israel.  This is the power of God!  This is righteousness!  This is miraculous!

"The forced militarily establishment of the so-called state of Israel against the will of the inhabitants of the land is fraud, and violation of all the laws of nations as to how real nations with authority are established; well established over 300 years ago by John Locke, the Christian disciple, true to Christ, who carried the rod of iron to dash the nations into shivers (Rev. 2:26-28).

"When Bush violates the U.S. Constitution to send troops overseas without a Declaration of War, and Congress allows it with a resolution that dissolves the federal government, something is not right in the so-called United State of America.  When Bush is going to force Sadam Hussein to comply with a UN resolution, while at the same time refusing to honor a pending UN veto of his war against Iraq, then the Western world has abandoned the eternal law of reason and logic.

"How can we not laugh openly at the absurdity of defying a UN Security Council Vote to go enforce a UN resolution? This is the height of hypocrisy and arrogance."

Not that Avery looks to the UN for authority. He adds: "The UN cannot have authority over any people on Earth as it cannot obtain the consent of the people of sovereign nations. This has been well established 300 years ago by John Locke. The only real power of law which has been violated is Bush's refusal to abide by the U.S. Constitution, and the abandonment of that body of law by the impotent Congress of the so-called United States."

At the conclusion to our interview with the alien, the Weekly Universe asked if he had a closing comment.

Avery said: "Well, I hope that this receives a better reception than my message does at other places. Thank you for this opportunity to express this most important subject to your readers. I do hope that many will join me in deep space as a result of this opportunity, and that these words do not return to God void."

Read Avery's subsequent email exchange with George Noory.

Copyright 2003 by


Ronald F. Avery describes himself as "a licensed architect and interior designer in the so-called state of Texas. My religious/spiritual/philosophical station is that I have become an extraterrestrial hyperspace alien."

His book is Alien Physics. His website is Alien Physics. He is the owner of the Silver Eagle Taphouse

Vanessa Cortez is a Los Angeles based tabloid reporter who investigates the occult underbelly of the entertainment industry. Read more about her journalism in Hollywood Witches.


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