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by Ronald F. Avery, guest columnist.  [March 16, 2003]




[]  Following the Weekly Universe's exclusive interview of alien Ronald F. Avery, Avery sent the below emails to George Noory of Coast to Coast AM.

Dear George,

    You ask for aliens to call in, and your producer has prevented me from coming on your show after two interviews?

    I heard one alien caller named Bill.  Was that what you want on your show?  That was not an alien -- that was a disturbed individual that knows nothing about space or its power.  He had no craft.  He had no name.  He had no explanation of anything.  And you know this George.  Right after you talked to Bill, you said it was the first time you talked to an alien on the phone.

    Isn't that interesting that you start this alien hotline after refusing to have me on your show?

    I know what you're doing.  It's clever, but not clever enough.  You will invite aliens to call you, and there will be hundreds of people just like Bill.  And this will prove that somehow my claim is not unique or real.  [Avery claims Jesus turned him into an alien; see the Weekly Universe's exclusive interview of Avery]

    But unlike Bill, I can tell you how I have become a real Hyperspace Extraterrestrial Alien, and what the true definition of an alien is.  If you let me on your show, I will convert many listeners to Hyperspace Aliens, and your business will be in trouble because your premise about aliens is all wrong.

    Jose Jamenes!  Remember that call after Bill?  This will only get worse.

    Joseph, the name given him when he got here.  He said, "I am 84 years old in our time.  On my planet I could be 300 years old, but 30 years old here."

    You asked him, "Are you different?"

    And he replied, "From us?"  This again is a fraud.  He continued, "Even my civilization came through the same problems you are having, but they will just fade in 1000 years.  The problems will always be here, like disease, but you will not always fight each other.  We don't have capability to intervene, but some civilizations in space have power, but not mine.  I was altered before I came here.  I'm from a planet in the Milky Way.  We don't know how to travel to other galaxies.  But within it we fold time.  We travel in such a way that time is irrelevant."

    And you said, "Now that's the kind of alien I want to talk to.  One that can tell you something."

    Well my question is: If he can get here from the Milky Way, why can't he get anywhere in space by the same technology?  This is another fake and you know it.

    All this error is learned from our own society, based upon particle physics without the application of the knowledge of physical operation that was performed upon the cosmos by a real alien in the most recorded event in history, i.e., the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ Jesus, the creator and sustainer of all the galaxies.

    You had just finished interviewing Dr. David Anderson from SETI @ Home and heard this respected scientist say that he did not believe an alien from another star or system could even get here because they would have the same problems as we would getting there.  And he is absolutely correct under the scenario that you are thinking about, and that Bill and Joseph was thinking about.  He also said that he did not expect to hear from an alien or ET intelligence in this century.  He will never hear from one under his hypothetical scenario.

    How about the Darth Vader caller?  You had to laugh!  About time!  "The force is strong with you."  He was sent by the master to Earth to find technology, he can go the speed of light.

    Come on George!  Enough is enough.  Even Einstein knew that the change to light speed is not bearable by the human body; it is similar to strapping dynamite to your chest.  Are you really just a cheap tabloid?

    I'm not going to stay up and listen to more of this social conditioning regurgitated late into the night.  But I would like to extend another opportunity for us together to make a change in the perception of space and its power.

    Please review a story done on me by the WeeklyUniverse.


Ronald F. Avery, AlienPhysics.

George Noory replied to Avery with the following brief email:


"You still havent explained why you want to be on?"


Avery replied:

Dear George,

    I want to be on your show because you want to talk to an alien as you told Dr. David Anderson just last night.  And you expressed your eagerness for him to talk to an alien.  And I keep telling you that I am the most alien thing in this cosmos.  It isn't going to get better than me, except for the one who transformed me.  And it appears that I am the only one right now that knows what I am and how I got that way.

    Why not at least call all the alien believers, and get them ready for a debate to end all debates on this subject -- have a marathon call in to stump the alien Avery and prove I'm not the real thing?  You might be surprised at what happens.

    That is my challenge to you and Coast to Coast AM.  Can you meet it?

    You said last night that "all the aliens that called tonight seem to be nice people, or nice aliens, but I wonder if there's a mean alien out there?"

    I immediately figured you were thinking of something like me, an alien that is confident and powerful and ready to show error in the mind of modern man.  You will find me to be nice, certainly not rude, but I will be firm in fact and knowledge and point to error when I perceive it.  And this firmness in me, and the rejection of error, is perceived by many to be mean and narrow.  But that is the nature of truth.  When it is found it automatically rules out error and doesn't permit me or any one else to have any other position.

    Let's give it a shot George.  I think you will like it.

    If you had whom you thought was the antichrist on, and took all those precautions and special steps to protect yourself ahead of time, as you said you did, then surely you could do the same for me, who is a servant of the creator and sustainer of the cosmos.  What's there to fear from the servant of the transformer of all things from death into life?

    I hope you find this sufficient reason to come on your show.  It would put some real zap into it for one night, I assure you.

    I look forward to hearing from you.  This will be one whale of an event for Coast to Coast AM and the real Extraterrestrial Hyperspace Alien.


Ron Avery


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