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by Thomas M. Sipos, managing editor.  [November 1, 2004]




[]  Demons don't possess people -- because demons don't exist!  Possessions are a real occurrence, but they're actually caused by ghosts!

That's the startling claim of ghost exorcist Wanda Pratnicka, who tells all in her book Possessed by Ghosts: Exorcisms in the 21st Century -- and in an exclusive Weekly Universe interview!


* Two Kinds of Ghosts!

Terrifyingly, you and your loved ones may be possessed by two different kinds of ghosts!  Explained Pratnicka, "First, there are the souls of departed people.  These ghosts have the personality of the deceased, and the free will to decide what to do after the death of their physical body -- so far as they're aware of having died!  Many of these ghosts have overseen their own deaths and try to live as if they'd not died.

"The other category [of ghosts] are shadows of departed people, such as an astral body left behind on the journey to higher realms.

"Both [kinds of ghosts] can affect people -- and possess them!"

As for whether animal ghosts can possess people, Pratnicka said, "The soul of an animal returns, in most cases, to the collective soul of that particular animal."

* What Do Ghosts Want?

Ghosts possess people for many different reasons! According to Pratnicka, "The most common case occurs because the ghost needs the living person's energy in order to survive! Other reasons include their attachment to earthly things, such as material possessions, habits, and addictions. And in many cases, souls stay here because they don't want to leave their family or loved ones."


* Do Not Try This at Home!

Pratnicka says she can "easily detect" cases of possession.  "I can see the ghost possessing a person.  I can talk to that ghost and remove it from the patient.  In most cases I am able to communicate with the ghost, determine what his origins are, what life he lived and how he died.

"However, we must consider that the bindings between people and ghosts might be strong, and that the exorcised ghosts may come back and possess these people again. The patient must work at not letting the ghost back in.  Emotional bindings between people and ghosts are like rubber bands that draw the ghost back into the patient's body. Those emotional currents must be removed by the patient. That's why, in some cases, the patient also requires my psychotherapy."

Exorcising ghosts is difficult work -- and dangerous!  Pratnicka says that a single patient may require exorcism rituals every day for up to three months!  What's more, "Exorcisms can be very dangerous for people lacking a deep esoteric knowledge," warned Pratnicka. "Many well-known exorcists end up as my patients!

"However, my method [of exorcism] is very safe -- and always successful!"

While ghosts only rarely possess animals, animals can often see ghosts.  "Animals become aggressive, and can even hurt their owner when [the owner] is possessed," said Pratnicka.

Sometimes, one or more ghosts will possess an entire house (an event known as a "haunting" or "house possession"). "It's difficult to exorcise haunted places," said Pratnicka. "The exorcist must contact each ghost in a haunted place, and explain his situation to him. Then the exorcist must convince the ghost to go to the other side of death's curtain, to the so-called 'Heaven,' to God. But many ghosts fear they'll go to Purgatory or Hell [so they resist leaving].

"Hell exists only in their minds -- there is no such place in the non-material world -- but the mind makes it true for them." To placate these ghosts' fears, Pratnicka must perform psychotherapy on them! "That kind of psychotherapy takes some time, and is rarely easy, as some ghosts are completely unaware of their situation -- especially when they died under tragic or traumatic circumstances.

"Exorcising ghosts from people are easy compared to exorcising haunted places!"

Pratnicka rejects the existence of demons, Satan, or the devil. "During my thirty years practice, I've not encountered such entities. Instead, I've discovered that the attributes describing demons or the devil derive from ghosts in the human body."

Pratnicka was born in Poland in 1948, and considers herself a devout Catholic. "But exorcism is not an exclusively Catholic ritual," she says. "Possessed people come from all faiths -- and thousands have come to me for help. I perform exorcisms in God's name, and it is His action. I am only a channel. Exorcisms do not require the name of Jesus or Buddha -- there is only one God. His name is secondary."

Pratnicka sees no contradiction between her Catholicism and her work. "Catholic priests do that same kind of thing using a prayer which I've found to be less effective than my method. My exorcism is based on distance healing.  I do not need to see the patient face-to-face."

Wanda Pratnicka is the author of Possessed by Ghosts: Exorcisms in the 21 Century

Read a free excerpt detailing one of her 'distance healing' ghost exorcisms in the Weekly Universe! 

You can also visit her website!

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