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by Wanda Pratnicka, [November 1, 2004]




[]  Once the wife of a famous professor came to me seeking help for her husband. The doctors had diagnosed a severe mental illness in him, one for which there is no therapy. The woman demanded that I cleanse her husband instantly.

All attempts at persuading her that it was hard to do in a hotel and I'd do it when I returned home, were of no avail. I promised I would start cleansing the next morning. [In her own home, away from the physical presence of the possessed man -- editor.]

She insisted on knowing when it would start, and what course it would take. I thought this was because of concern for her husband, but shortly it turned out that this lady was a clairvoyant who'd invited several other clairvoyants to her house so they could watch as I healed her husband.

If I'd known about it, I would have forbidden it. They didn't know what they were exposing themselves to. If it was as safe as they considered it, then I would have carried out the cleansing in the patient's presence, and not from a distance!

I started the cleansing [next morning]. I was horrified by the ghost's strength and viciousness. But after about an hour, he left calmly for the other side and never returned.

I was surprised by the joy and gratitude it showed as it left. I too felt joyful and grateful. I was tired, but the satisfaction I felt rewarded me for my weariness.

The telephone rang. It was the professor's wife. I was about to inform her that I had cleansed her husband when she, very perturbed, started to tell me what she had happened in her home:


"Before leaving the professor," the wife said, "the ghost started to demolish the whole apartment in a great fury.  He hurled the professor against the wall, and threw anything he could lay his hands on at the people gathered in the room. He wouldn't let anyone run away, nor open a door or window."

Just as well, I thought, otherwise they'd all have leapt out of the windows -- and they lived high up in a multistory apartment block.

"An hour later," the wife continued, "the apartment looked like a battlefield. The people were all beaten up and terrified."

I'd never come across such an aggressive reaction from a ghost.  I suspect the people present there had done something which the ghost didn't like, or maybe its nature was that of a raving madman.


"Mrs. Pratnicka," said the grateful wife, "the furniture can be replaced or restored. The apartment can be refurbished. What's important is that my husband is free at last of that terrible ghost. Right after the cleansing he got into the car and drove over to the university. He even asked me not to wait with dinner for him." 

I said this wasn't a particularly sensible move, because the ghost may well come back. 

"Mrs Pratnicka, please don't worry.  My husband is very wise and strong. I'm certain he won't allow the ghost to enter again.  He allowed it to enter because he wanted to see what it was like. He thought that since he had the power to let the ghost in, he would have the power to get rid of it.  It turned out, however, to be too difficult.  Now he knows that it's a oneway trip."

Since then the couple have often phoned to tell me the doctors can't believe how well he's recovered. They claim it's a temporary remission, that he might relapse at any moment. But many years have passed and the illness has not returned, just as the ghost which was its cause has not returned.

Copyright 2004 by Wanda Pratnicka


The above true-life tale is excerpted from Wanda Pratnicka's Possessed by Ghosts: Exorcisms in the 21st Century.  

Read more about her "distance healing" ghost exorcisms -- in our exclusive Weekly Universe interview!  

You can also visit her website!



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