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by James Wills, guest contributor.  [June 17, 2006]



[]  I know psychics are real. I've many, many years of experience with phone psychics on many different services, and much professional training and experience with psychology, psychotherapy, medicine, psychiatry, and metaphysics. 

I'd naively thought that all psychics had the ability to truly see the whole picture, plus the wisdom, altruism, and special knowledge to truly help. Most do not. It's that simple.

Some psychic readers sound good and perceive some things with precision. Yet they almost never have your best interest at heart. They're into making money from you. It was hard for me believe the extent this is true. Believe me when I tell you: there are many callers who are spending lots of money being misled about issues that are important to them.


1.  Many of psychic readers have some psychic ability, but the primary motive is money, not your well being.

2.  Almost no psychics possess excellent moral or ethical qualities, or psychological smarts, to use their abilities for your best interest.

3.  Psychics will and do give readings to keep you feeling good about what they say, so you will call back.

It's rare for psychics at to possess ability, wisdom, and altruism. I've spoken with many longtime callers to who agree from experience. If you are new to, or to online psychics generally, be very careful!

Asking "Where did I lose my car keys?" or "What did the cat say?" are fine. But if it's your emotional life, involving intense feelings where you could get hurt, then go to someone who must be responsible for what they say. readers are not. You pay big bucks without accountability. My research reveals that my experience is more common than not.

Without meaning to single her out, when calling, I most often spoke with Empress Dawn, so I'll relate my experience with her.

Empress Dawn speaks with great conviction. And she is psychic, no doubt about it. I was wowed like crazy for numerous months and thousands of dollars. But that doesn't mean the advice you're getting from her or others is any good, because my extensive -- and expensive! -- research shows that it's very unlikely you're getting good advice.

I was wowed and unknowingly misled by her for almost a year, and walked into a mess because I trusted her and other readers. It seemed too good to be true. It was. I kept calling back, "Are you sure you see it that way?" Over and over. "Yes, this is so wonderful." I enjoyed almost a year of assurances by Empress Dawn and other psychics regarding a certain woman. The old "returning soul mate" story.

Empress Dawn seemed well-meaning if, in retrospect, imprudent for encouraging involvement with such a deeply damaged person [as that woman turned out to be]. Empress Dawn (and other readers) many times, over many months, said "Hang in there," and "She is going to make you so happy," and "She'll become your be all and end all," and "It is going to be -- not easy but -- so wonderful," and "It is profound and unique," and "Her problem is she's never had good sex -- You're the man for the job and she knows it!"

I later found out that this woman was a committed prostitute, and drug and weird sex addict, who is deeply disturbed, and will likely never be a reasonably normal person. 

I'd really, really trusted Empress Dawn. She sounded trustworthy. The clincher seems to be that, in the end, she refused to acknowledge or discuss her mistake or its significant effect. Her attitude seems to be that I am history. In a context that is all about altruism, or should be all about altruism. That is a poor showing.

Empress Dawn recently wrote the following to me: "So many readers called me and they laughed, telling me how they painted a rosy picture for you." She was describing other psychics who discussed how they deliberately misled callers, then got together afterwards to laugh about it!

Empress Dawn may have used her abilities to deliberately con me, as she knew I'd call back many times. I suspect she simply lacks moral and ethical standards. She's into the money and that's it. Based on the overall picture, it would seem her psychological smarts score is zero.

This incident taints telephone psychics. That Empress Dawn's "readings" could be so extremely destructive was, at the time, unimaginable to me. Yes, I was very, very naive. These psychics are not educated psychologically, do not look into the eyes of the people they "read" for, or need to be the tiniest bit accountable or truly capable of vision. Just good enough to convince us that psychics are real.

James Will may be contacted at:

See what Google says about scams.

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Copyright 2006 by James Wills


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