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by Vanessa Cortez, staff writer  [July 11, 2011]





[]  Vampire exist! That's the shocking claim of author Kane after researching these abominable bloodsuckers for his novel, Aleron.

And even more shockingly, vampires are not the romantic beauty queens and pretty boys of myth and legend -- but are hideous beasts that look like they were beaten by a whole bundle of ugly sticks!

"Despite what the masses believe, vampires do exist," said Kane to the Weekly Universe. "Hundreds of thousands of vampires live among us. Some have openly appeared on popular TV talk shows.

"Thousands of unexplained deaths throughout the world include mysterious blood loss -- or corpses completely void of blood in or around the body!

"Vampire cults are springing up all over the world, with common beliefs, practices, and abilities -- which often include clairvoyance, heightened psychic abilities -- and a need to consume large amounts of blood!"

Four years ago, Kane's research led him to Transylvania, where he found people still trying -- after centuries of blood and tears -- to eradicate vampires from that dark, unfortunate land. "I learned in talking with Romanians," said Kane, "that some towns got permission from local courts to dispose of the buried with a proper vampire send off. They dug up recently buried corpses -- and drove wooden stakes through the hearts and decapitated the bodies. Thus was the vampire’s demonic soul released!"

Not only are vampires' souls demonic, but having one of these double-baggers show up on your doorstep is like meeting your blind date from Hell. "Strigoi was the term given to the souls of the undead who walk among the living in Eastern Europe," said Kane. "These vampires resembled gorgons from Greek mythology -- better known as animated corpses! Their features were more akin to severe drug addicts versus the rock star vampires that are popular in America."

Considering how evil -- and ugly! -- these walking acne factories were, it's no wonder that pretty people hated vampires! But luckily for them, their days of bad breath, body odor, and no dates on Saturday night were numbered -- as they were about to get at PR makeover!

"In the 18th century," said Kane, "the Balkans and Eastern Europe were infested with vampirism to the point of mass hysteria. But in the 19th century, and inspired by Polidori’s The Vampyre, Bram Stoker's Dracula sparked a love affair between East Europe vampires and the rest of the modern world!"

Kane has degrees in mathematics and psychology "which gives me insight on the logical and illogical thought processes prevalent during the past and present. This also allows me a glimpse into understanding the future. Although Aleron is fantasy, it is rooted in fact and legend.

"In my younger years, religion was not an emphasis. Later in life, I began to explore the notions of God, Heaven, and His purpose for mankind. I believe the physical creatures that we see with our eyes every day are not the only ones who walk freely upon this huge green rock. I believe spirit creatures thrive among us and influence us for better or worse.

"My beliefs have evolved, primarily influenced by my recent studies into the realm of the unknown and the undead."

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Vanessa Cortez is a Los Angeles based investigative journalist for the Weekly Universe. Read about her investigations into the entertainment industry's occult underground in Hollywood Witches!
Also read the Weekly Universe's startling report on Dracula's true-life love -- Mini Harker -- who is now a vampire -- and alive and well in San Francisco!
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